About Fitzbook | Online Social Community
FitzBook is a online social community that respects your private data, it's just a place for you to share posts and keep in touch with folks. Let's move away from big brother together.

Fitzbook started off as a joke

Fitzbook started off as a parody social network, like a joke, but it's becoming something I never foresaw it to be. It's becoming a community, where you don't have to feel like someone is watching your every keystroke. It's run by me, a normal guy who has no desire for world domination, just to make enough money to get by and take care of my family. I don't know what Fitzbook will become, but I know that I have learned from the past mistakes of others to know what I don't want it to become. Social networks should not turn into surveillance companies, they should not turn into a political tool to censor free speech. They should be a place to just chat with friends and work on homework while you listen to some tunes. That's all. God bless America.